Savoring the Delights of Sokaraja’s Signature Soto


Sokaraja, located in the Banyumas Regency of Central Java, is renowned for its delectable soto, a traditional Indonesian soup. Along the main road of Sokaraja, you’ll find numerous stalls and eateries serving this beloved dish.

A visit to this region would be incomplete without trying Sokaraja’s distinctive soto. One of the must-try spots is the legendary “Raja Soto Lama H. Suradi.”

Soto H. Suradi: A Taste of Legend

Soto H. Suradi has earned a well-deserved reputation for its delightful flavors. It’s so good that even Indonesia’s fifth President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), is a loyal patron of this Sokaraja soto.

According to Siti Mukhadiroh, the wife of H. Suradi, in an interview with Z Creators, SBY has visited their soto stall twice. What’s even more fascinating is SBY’s deep fondness for this soto, as he has invited H. Suradi to Jakarta on several occasions to cater to his events.

“He came here when he was registering as a presidential candidate for the second term and also when he was visiting Pacitan, if I recall correctly. But I’ve often been to SBY’s place; whenever there’s a birthday or something, I’m invited. The last time was before the COVID-19 pandemic,” she explained.

Since 1978

Soto H. Suradi has been serving this delicious dish since 1978. H. Suradi, the current owner, is the second generation; the soto stall was initially established by his parents.

A typical bowl of soto contains rice cakes (ketupat), bean sprouts (tauge), crackers (kerupuk), beef or chicken, and you can even opt for offal. Complementing this flavorful dish are fried snacks like “mendoan” and large-sized yellow tofu.

What sets Sokaraja’s soto apart from soto in other regions is its pronounced sweetness. It doesn’t rely solely on chili sauce for flavor but also incorporates peanut sauce to enhance its taste.

As for the price, it remains incredibly reasonable considering the delectable experience it offers, with a single bowl costing only Rp25,000 (approximately $1.75 USD).

Operating Hours and Location

Soto Lama H. Suradi opens its doors from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (WIB). Its location is incredibly accessible as it sits right along the main road of Sokaraja in the Banyumas Regency, serving as a gateway to Purwokerto City.

If you’re ever in the Sokaraja area, make sure to savor a bowl of Soto H. Suradi’s signature soto. The blend of flavors, the touch of sweetness, and the warm hospitality make it a truly memorable culinary experience.