Naughty Dog Hits Pause on The Last of Us Online

Naughty Dog Hits Pause on The Last of Us Online

We’ve got some news that might make you feel a bit blue. Naughty Dog, the awesome game studio, has decided to stop working on The Last of Us Online. It’s the multiplayer game set in the cool post-apocalyptic world we all know and love. Let’s break down what happened.

A Tough Choice and a Bit of Sadness

So, Naughty Dog shared some news in a blog post, and it’s not the happiest. They’ve decided to hit pause on The Last of Us Online. Why? Well, the game turned out to be so big that if they kept it going after it was out, it would use up a ton of Naughty Dog’s time and energy. They had to choose between becoming a studio that only does live-service games or sticking to what they do best – creating awesome single-player stories. And you know what? They went with the single-player magic.

The Heart of Naughty Dog

Take a look at what Naughty Dog said:

There’s no easy way to say this: we’ve decided to stop working on that game, which was a very hard choice.

We know this news will be hard for a lot of people, especially our loyal The Last of Us Factions community, who have been very interested in our plans for multiplayer.

We are so proud of everyone at the studio who worked on this project. The things we learned and the money we spent on technology for this game will help us with future projects and will be very important to the way our studio is going.

A Rollercoaster Journey from Mode to…Pause

The Last of Us Online started as just a multiplayer mode linked to The Last of Us Part II. But guess what? It grew into a big project of its own. Naughty Dog made this choice so they could focus on releasing Part II’s single-player campaign, which turned out to be a big hit (with some mixed feelings here and there).

The KLIK88SLOT game got some attention during Summer Game Fest in 2022, but there was no word on when it would come out. Then, in January, they showed us more concept art and promised more details later. Fast forward to May, and Naughty Dog asked for a bit more time to work on the project. Things got a bit bumpy in October when 25 employees had to leave, and there were whispers that TLOU Online’s development was going through a tough time.

Now, it’s official – the game is on pause, and it won’t be happening. Sad news, especially when we know The Last of Us Part II Remastered is around the corner, and the HBO series is making waves.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Naughty Dog’s next moves will be just as awesome. Who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise us with something even more mind-blowing. Until then, let’s give a shout-out to The Last of Us Online and the adventure we won’t get to experience.