Pizza Hut Singapore: Korean-Inspired Cuisine

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Korean and pizza lovers, unite! Food fusion will excite your taste senses. Pizza Hut Singapore new Korean-inspired menu promises a unique eating experience. Explore varieties including Army Stew Pizza, Kimchi Beef Pepperoni Melts, and Hot Jjang Dip until November 9. Join us as we taste these delicious hybrids.

Pizza Hut Singapore: Korean-Fusion Army Stew Pizza

With their unique but delicious Army Stew Pizza, Pizza Hut Singapore is changing pizza. The rich and complex tastes of Korean soldier stew are honored in this unique masterpiece. Imagine tender chicken luncheon meat, chewy tteokbokki, hot kimchi, and satisfying ramyeon atop a creamy cheese filled crust. The option to serve the ramyeon separately makes this pizza unique. Army Stew Pizza will please your taste senses whether you top it or combine it with other delicious toppings.

Pizza Hut Singapore Tempting Daebak Deal

Good news for pizza lovers and smart diners! Dine-in and delivery customers can enjoy the delicious Army Stew Pizza for S$19.90 till September 24. Use DAEBAK to easily unlock this great price when ordering. A daebak (wonderful) chance to try this unusual dish without breaking the budget. Take advantage of this limited-time promotion to try Army Stew Pizza’s incredible tastes.

Return of “Your Slice Of Simple” in K-Drama

Pizza Hut Singapore recognizes that eating is an experience. Pizza Hut is reviving “Your Slice Of Simple.” on TikTok to highlight these Korean-inspired dishes. This time, the series has a K-drama twist, making eating more thrilling. Watch Sarah and Sam, two friends, traverse life and love. The 2021 season finale saw Sam express his affections to Sarah, who responded. Watch the newest chapter to see what these lovebirds have been up to after two years. A slice of life, not just pizza.

Halloween Horror Nights Promotion: Scary Events

With Halloween approaching, Pizza Hut Singapore offers a unique gift for thrill-seekers. A K Party Box, which contains an Army Stew Pizza, a normal pizza, two sides, and a bottled drink, gives you a chance to win Halloween Horror Nights tickets. Simply use the code HHN11XCOKE when ordering from Pizza Hut’s website or app between now and October 8.

Three winners will get a Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tour and a fabulous one-night stay for two at Resorts World Sentosa Hotel Ora (S$1,360). Also, fifteen lucky winners will get two S$338 Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights Express Tickets. And then, Pizza Hut Singapore delivers delectable pizzas and spine-tingling thrills this Halloween. Make your supper a memorable journey.

In conclusion, Pizza Hut Singapore’s Korean-inspired dishes demonstrate its culinary ingenuity. These choices, led by Army Stew Pizza, appeal to both classic and adventurous pizza enthusiasts. Whether you’re enjoying the Daebak Deal, following Sarah and Sam’s love adventures, or preparing for Halloween, Pizza Hut Singapore welcomes you to experience something special.